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With decades of experience, we take a different approach to cultivating premium cannabis, its crafted by hand and by heart. To separate ourselves from the rest we are utilizing state of the art technology, following strict organic cultivation practices, and continually developing our in-house breeding program tailoring unique strains to meet the ever-changing demands of the medical and recreational markets. We are pioneering sustainable, organic cultivation, never cutting corners, and always ensuring the highest quality standards from seed to sale. Experience the difference. Experience Organics.

Experience Organics.

We take a different approach to cultivating premium cannabis. With an in-house geneticist and years of experience cost-cultivation and hybridization, we’ve tailored strains to meet the specific needs of the medical cannabis market. Now we're bringing a range of highly differentiated products, including strains you won’t find anywhere else, to market through select retail outlets. Always organic and sustainable. We take great pride in doing things right. Experience the difference.

About Us

Experience Organics Premium Cannabis

EXPERIENCE ORGANICS is located in Benton County, the heart of wine and hop country and soon to be the mecca of commercial cannabis. Our mission is to be an industry leader of sustainable, organic, commercial cannabis cultivation; and our focus is to provide high quality, safe cannabis products at a competitive price, meeting the demands of local markets. EXO utilizes LED lighting technology throughout our facility as well as a cannabis specific environmental control system for efficiency and sustainability. We offer an extensive in-house genetic breeding program and will consistently introduce new genetics to the market, catering to the demands of consumers. With an emphasis on terpene profiles, we will be introducing various strain specific product lines, from extracted oils to medicinal topicals and tinctures. We look forward to sharing our craft product lines in the state of Washington. Cheers to your adventure experiencing organics!

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Strains & Tasting Notes

African Poi
[Durban Poison X Unknown]

An old sativa prominent strain passed down for generations, the genetic history of this strain is a bit of a mystery. A great AM strain providing an uplifting and euphoric high with a pungent tropical and earthy smell.

[Ghost OG x Face Off OG]

A very unique Indica prominent hybrid with earthy grapefruit characteristics and happy and euphoric effects.

[Cinderella 99 X Vortex]

A sativa prominent hybrid, this classic mixture of flavors helps provide a clear and uplifting AM high. Its aroma has a skunky sweetness with a punch of citrus. A great strain to stir up your creativity and help you keep a positive outlook.

[Jack Herer X Skunk #1]

A sativa prominent hybrid, this is a strain that speaks for itself. It has one of the best terpene profiles out there and provides a phenomenal AM high, helping you trek through fatigue and daily aches and pains. It has a musty, earthy aroma that finishes with a huge splash of sweetness.

Foxey Lady
[EXO Columbian Haze x Nepalese Sativa]

A spectacular in-house Sativa prominent strain crossing two classic sativas providing happy and uplifting effects. A great AM strain with robust sweet flower and earthy flavors.

[ EXO Kromes the White x Grandaddy Purps ]

An Indica prominent hybrid strain bred in-house with phenomenal eye appeal. This potent heavy indica provides amazing medicinal benefits and is tailored for the PM consumption.

Green Crack
[Skunk #1 X Afghani]

A refreshing and energy packed sativa prominent hybrid, it provides a focused energetic high. Great for AM consumption, this sweet and fruity strain will keep you going throughout the day, also helping with stress and daily fatigue.

Green Meanie
[EXO G13 x Hashplant]

An EXO in-house strain, bred over the years this phenotype is an Indica prominent hybrid combining two classic strains providing a solid go to for Indica lovers. Amazing pungent and earthy flavors with a hint of sweetness.

Hell's Fire
[Rascal’s OG Kush x SFV OG Kush]

A Californian Indica prominent hybrid offering potent stress and pain relief. Great OG genetics providing pungent sweet citrus flavors.

LA Pure Kush
[EXO OG Kush x Abusive OG]

An amazing in-house Indica prominent strain with amazing aromas and frosty potent buds. Robust earthy and spicy woody flavors with a very relaxed and happy effect.

Metal Haze
[Mexican x Thailand x Columbia Haze]

A Sativa prominent strain blending the best Haze genetics into an appealing cross. Sweet and savory aromas tailored for the AM consumption.

[EXO South Diesel x Afghani x Hawaiian]

A classic strain in which EXO bred out the phenotypes to find a great base. Sativa prominent strain with a strong citrus tangerine smell, a great AM strain that will provide a happy uplifting effect.

[Jack the Ripper X Harlequin]

An amazing high CBD indica prominent strain. Most Pennywise phenotypes out there are a 1:1 ratio, but our phenotype is a 2:1 CBD to THC ratio effectively helping arthritis, epilepsy, PTSD, and all patients seeking relief from cancer symptoms. With robust earthy tones, it has a sweet spice and a hint of floral fruit. It is a wonderful medical strain, great for both AM and PM consumption.

Silver Fields
[EXO Super Silver Haze x The One]

A great EXO in-house Sativa prominent hybrid strain with potent citrus and grapefruit flavors. A great strain to help relieve stress and anxiety during both AM & PM consumption.

Strawberry Thai
[EXO South India x Golden Triangle]

One of EXO’s staple in-house strains offering identical aromas of fresh strawberries and a sweet berry medley. This Sativa prominent hybrid is tailored for the AM consumption with uplifting cerebral effects. One of our favorites!

[California Orange x Skunk]

With robust citrus notes, this Sativa prominent hybrid has a happy euphoric effect. Great strain to help with stress and fatigue in the AM consumption.

The Unknown
[EXO Mystery Strain]

An unknown strain in EXO’s seed-bank, a great hybrid with tons of breeding potential.

White Fire OG
[The White x Fire OG]

A sativa prominent hybrid this earthy phenotype is great for AM consumption providing a very relaxed and euphoric effect.

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