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Rather than relying on standard best practices for cannabis cultivation, EXO maintains a nimble approach that allows us to continue innovating and improving our growing techniques and genetics library. With a particular emphasis on sustainability, our strains are grown with utmost care for the land on which we grow. Experience Organics is a team of honest farmers with a love for our craft, and this continually shines through in the quality of each and every strain we produce. We give back to the land and focus on leaving the environment better than we found it. Cannabis is more than our business; it’s our passion.

The Washington cannabis market has been flooded with new entrants, and dispensaries across the state are overstocked with buds of varying quality. But one thing is for sure: you can always count on Experience Organics to deliver premium organically cultivated cannabis grown indoors, using sustainable eco-friendly farming techniques that bring out a full cannabinoid and terpene profile. There are plenty of great cannabis producers in the beautiful state of Washington, but if you want consistently top-notch buds time after time, EXO is your best bet. If you haven’t tried Experience Organics, you haven’t fully experienced the power of cannabis.


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