• I had the chance to try (Experience Organics) LA Cookies (flower) a week or so ago and it is fire! Best LA Cookies I have ever tried, by a country mile. It astonished me a little. I really like LA Cookies in general, but (Experience Organics) is just a whole other level. Well done!

    Jenny cannabis enthusiast
  • If you want to experience weed that is flavorful, unique and organically grown, then you want Experience Organics. What stood out to me was their extensive line of genetics (and) mission to be an industry leader of sustainable and organic commercial cultivation while focusing on high quality, safe products at a competitive price.

    Bess Byers
    Bess Byers Cannabis Photographer & Social Media Influencer imcannabess
  • Big nuggets coated in trichomes fill the glass jar nicely, with a beautiful bouquet of terpenes and flavor released upon opening. The flower is cured perfectly and a gentle but quick snap reveals a light body with a hint of stickiness

    Wes Abney
    Wes Abney Co-Founder of Northwest Leaf
  • The high starts with an immediate uplifted rush of happiness that leaves you laser-focused and motivated with a sense of blissful energy.

    Buddy's Recreational Cannabis

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